Important Reminders [31- May 2009]
Important Reminders

Please finish up your individual data dictionary by tonight , 10pm (lastest) to Rachel.

The data dictionary table should include the following :

  • The Entity Name
  • Attributes
  • Description of the Attribute
  • Data Type & Length
  • Primary/Alt Key
  • Nulls

If you do not understand what I am saying, please refer to last week's DBMS practical instructions on CMS. Please also check your e-mails for updates!! We are already late in submission, please do it & submit to Rachel as soon as possible.

2nd Reminder [E-Commerce]

  • Please finish up your Individual UIs' and designs. Finish up lastest by Monday Night as we need time for integration.
  • Remember to do User's design view as well as your back-end (Administrator's View).

All to be submitted by MONDAY, SHARP!

Thank you for your hardwork! We can do it!!!

Written by : Rachel Tan