6th Session [15- May 2009]

6th Session - Minutes of Meeting
Date - 15th May 2009
Time -4pm to 5pm

We got the survey done during this session. We are going to collect the results and analyse them this weekend.

Tasks Allocation for Proposal
Deadline : 17th May 2009, 7pm - Sunday
Please submit your allocated task(s) to Hui Khim

(i) The Company - Marcus

(ii) The Product [Description/Benefits/Key Features] - Rachel

(iii) Relevant Market Segments [Support with statistics] - Hui Khim

(iv) Target Groups - To be done by all (We'll discuss once we get the survey results.)

(v) Competition - Nicholas & Chang Rui (Please do research on competitors' features/prices/benefits!)

(vi) Revenue Model - Hui Khim

(vii) Project Schedule - Rachel

(viii) Supporting Documentation - To be done by all (Make sure you save your resources & links. We need to give proper credit).

Please submit punctually as we need time to edit and revise. Work hard Royal!! We can do it !! :)

Written by : Rachel Tan