First Session [29-April 2009]
First Session - Minutes of Meeting
Date -April 29th 2009,
Time -10am to 12noon.

During the tutorial lesson, Mdm Loh briefed us on some information about the project and what are the different aspects we have to consider when we make our final decision on the idea.

We sat down as a team to discuss what are the possible ideas that we could use for our upcoming e-commerce project. At the end of the session, we came up with at least 7 different ideas. From products to service lines, we have came up with some innovative & interesting ideas. However, we have not finalised on them yet.

The team would prepare and think through all the ideas during the weekend. When the following week arrives, we would have finalised our idea scope and will embarked onto the next stage. The next stage will be the distribution of tasks onto the individual team members.

Till then, we will update again!

Best Regards,
Team Royal

Written by Rachel Tan